Thursday, 12 March 2009

Elective: Recycling and sustainability.

I've been in an extremely contemplative mood the past few days, I've spent a lot of time reading, and thinking about life in general.

I went to borders the other day and totally on a whim, which I am thoroughly regretting now, bought a book for £20 about sustainable design. Really useful though as far as expanding my knowledge of the various materials and designers there are out there...

Anyway, Jo lent me another book a week or so ago, which I decided to pick up and have a go at tonight, it's called Good. Unlike every other graphic design related book out there that I have ever picked up, I actually started to read this one and I will read it till the last page if I can borrow it for long enough.

The book focuses mainly around ethics and morality within everyday life but specifically aimed at graphic designers. I mean, they may as well have written the book, and wrote "To Lauren" in it, because I've been waiting for a book like this for a long time...

Anyway! Moving on, there's a purpose to this post.

here's my manifesto from last week.. I feel its something that will be ever growing and changing, but here's what I have so far.

  • I want to design reflecting on my own opinion, not the opinion of others.
  • Paper will always be my biggest use of a natural resource. The fact that I am aware of this means I can take steps to reduce how much I use, recycle as much as I can, and consider where and who I buy paper from in the future.
  • Stay away from areas that I feel are morally wrong, this is mainly aimed at the advertising industry...
  • Stay informed! about everything, as much as I possibly can. How can I possibly communicate a message if I am uninformed in the first place?
  • When I can put it into words, there will be a 5th point.. and possibly many more where these came from.

Secondly, a brief overview of my intentions for a project within this elective...

What - What is the concept behind the project? What will it do?
The concept is to produce a booklet as an aid to eco-conscious graphic designers.

Why - the types of ecological issues inspiring the project. What problem are you trying to solve?
This particular project will require a huge amount of research, I'll need to get my facts right if i want to achieve something that is actually useful. The main reason I am doing this is for myself. I want to know how I can become a more ecologically sound designer, and then I want to pass the message on. I guess my focus will be on paper stock, and printing. Though once I get going who knows where it will go.

How - How will the project work? How will you go about it? What processes, techniques, research etc will you employ?
I will research into all areas that I feel concern graphic designers, paper, card, plastics and metals or any other print stock. The effect printing has on the environment, chemicals from traditional printing methods, recycled cartridges etc...
I will gather and process what I find out, and produce a book or booklet, carefully considering what materials I use in the process.

Where - Where will the resulting work exist?
In the hands of every eco-friendly graphic designer in the world!
Or in libraries... or anywhere else books are found. You get digital books, and audio books as well...

Who - Who is the intended audience? What sector of society?
Graphic designers who want to find out more, or who need a set of guide lines to follow.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Pure = A clear conscience.

Or that's what I think anyway.

See what I think happened here, is I chose to answer the Don't Panic brief, and then people started to send out questionnaires regarding the recognition brief, based on acts of kindness... So then I started to think about how important these little acts are to me.. and I decided I wanted to address a similar issue in my resolution. Maybe I answered the wrong brief, maybe I didn't, who knows.

But I do know that even if you think this resolution is unsuccessful, I am satisfied in the knowledge that I managed to send out a message that I actually want people to hear.. or read. Whatever :)


Oh, and, I make better pancakes than you :)