Sunday, 9 November 2008



The main example of this, or the most obvious one for me, is found in newspapers and political magazines etc... I'm finding it hard to explain what I mean in words, so bring on the pictures!

How horribly American... and it's a rubbish example, but I couldn't find any older references (the old ones require abit of disecting usually).
So the meaning we take from this is that the baby wrapped in the American flag is a replacement for the American people. Or at least thats what I take from it anyway. The people of America are being replaced with a representative? Yeah?

The type of thing I was looking for though are the old, politically fuelled propaganda cartoons you usually find in newspapers. Actually a good example of one was the image we went through in our critical studies class, CS2 did anyway, don't know about the rest of you? The image with uncle Sam and the eagle and things... I supposed these would all be 'visual synedoches' for America?


Lovely! I'm not even sure if this is relevant, but the blog I stole it from is pretty interesting...

The image says "having unprotected sex is like having sex with a potentially deadly arachnid"
whether that makes at a metaphor or a similie I'm unsure of. Either way it's got to be relevant huh.

pretty gruesome image too, I love it.


" A metonym is a symbolic image used to make reference to something with a more literal meaning. "

a good example of this the cross and its links with the church or christianity.

This lead me to wonder whether colours can be visual metonyms? Red representing stop or anger. Our interpretations of colour change depending on our origins, emotions and experiences, which would be true to any metonym surely? The same as any metonym, it would depend on individual interpretation...hmmm.

The Clover

Typically representative of Ireland,
or luck, which again is associated with the Irish.
Also, back to the colour thing, it's green... which is the colour associated with luck.

So which came first? Is the clover lucky because it's green? Or is green lucky because it's the colour of clover?

Yeah I've gone off on a tangent now so I'm going to shut up, and update this when I find something of interest.

The one and only.... Moustache Font

hello, hello.
And welcome to part two of Liam's font.

I used hand crafted miniture moustaches to create the concept below, so far so good yah?

Oh it gets better, well actualy... it gets worse, because the brief specifies that we trace the finished font onto an A1 sheet, and personally, I feel the only reason this font even works is because it's photographed. But I'm going to ignore that for the time being.

Moving on..

* Will finish this post when I have the relevant photo's, soz guys. *

Liam's Font.

So this is the second disgracefully late post, my apologies once again. This is the last part of the "Alphabet Soup" project, we had a fair amount of time to produce a final piece aswell. Naturally mine we completed two weeks after the deadline date.. ahem.

Anyway the brief involved us being paired off, and in our pairs we had to conduct a sort of mini interview, and really get to know the each other. We each came up with 10 words to describe our partner and went away to construct a font based on these words, or the personality of that person.

...You following this? Yeah i thought it was weird too.

I got paired with moustache fetish Liam, and since all his personality traits were completely contradictive, I decided to create a typeface based on his unhealthy addiction to facial hair... haha sorry Liam.

I started by exploring my favourite font, god knows why I picked my favourite, surely Liam's would've been more appropriate... but never mind.
Yeah so i messed around with Century Gothic abit, then I went off on a tangent to do with his almost split personality traits and came up with what you see below.

What I've done here is split the font in two, half with serifs half without, and I know it looks awful but it's the concept that counts right?
Anyway I much prefer the moustache idea :)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


is shit.

I appreciated that its important to know where things came from, so I'll try and do this with good grace :) yeahhh.
Oh. I also appreciate how out of date this is, ahem... so when I say we did print, i mean we did print like, the best part of a month ago.
Aaanyway, So we did print, which for me was pretty grueling. Just the fact that its so.. unspontanious, for want of a better word, just ruins it. Mono printing was okay, but screen printing?! We spent most the morning preparing stuff, 5 minutes printing, then we had an hour and a half break whilst it dried, during which i was cohersed into spending a ridiculous amount of money on a coat i didn't need, only to come back, to do some more preparation, for 5 minutes printing, and then a bollocking, and then the rest on the afternoon cleaning shit. Sorry but i just don't understand why people find this so appealing. Argh.

That said, it was interesting to see what all the fuss was about, i just don't want to do it again in a hurry.

So i suppose you want pictures now? :)


These are all the results of the boards i was printing off though, not the actual finished things. I didnt get any good pictures of them. I'll maybe upload some later, should I actually get round to taking some. heh. Yeah i used the crazy hybrid 'Y' that I made during the last project as a stencil. I think it looks really good, but i got so bored with the same one on every print, also the broke every 10 mintues cause they were so damn flimsy... Which, as you can probably guess, only infuriated my already growing dislike of the whole print process. Whay. hah.



Oh look, more cleaning.

No way, not more cleaning?

Yeah, I know these are pretty much all the same picture,
but there was alot of cleaning.
Just wanted to make that absolutely clear.

So first we printed in just cyan, and then printed on top of it in magenta. the images were pretty much the same except for some adjustments we made in pen and tipex, allowing the different colours to show through on the print :)

I was'nt too impressed with mine,
but these ones were all pretty cool. i think the one at the bottom is Martin's.
well done Martin :|
(don't ask me why its upside down)