Tuesday, 3 February 2009

What is a line, part 2

Right, navigating away from phone lines for a while (to be fair I can't see that idea going very far) I've decided to just collect a load of ideas and images to see if they lead anywhere...

and they haven't yet, but let me show you the journey so far..

So I went from tangled phone lines
to tangled string.
I know I've seen a lot of work by various artists where string is a
big factor or the design, but it seems my researching skills have failed me once again, as I cannot find them.

From tangled string to that good old party favourite 'Silly String'.

To tangled cables, I think everyone can relate to these situations...

To those really cheesy looking string pictures, I used to have one and I've always thought it was
super tacky! This one's looking pretty cool though.

More string...

Wire man:
...To these next 3 images I took on my camera phone a good year ago.
This was 3d piece by an artist who held a short exhibition at my old college, I have no hope of
remembering his name though.
I quite like the idea of using string or wire to create a 3d object that is essentially just lines.

I quickly moved on to look at other possible materials, and came across this cut out, which at first looks like some kind of string, but it is infact paper.

This bought me fairly obviously to spiders and the lines they weave to construct their homes...

Well that's where I am now, after literally hours of unsuccessful browsing. Time to give this a break I think, I'll try and come at this from a new perspective tomorrow...

Any feedback on this will be mucho appreciated x

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