Sunday, 22 February 2009

What is a line, part 3

So my previous ideas have lead me absolutely no where, and since this is such a long brief I really wanted to get to grips with a subject that actually interested me.
I decided to sit down for a few hours and brain storm a bit, and this is what I came up with..

The notes in yellow highlight ares of particular interest, so far I have...

A formation of people, objects or things on beside or behind each other
  • people - busy streets
  • things on a shelf
  • shop windows - displays, mannequins
A mark indicating position, connection or boundaries
  • Travel
  • scars/ marks on the body indicating a position in ones life?
A connected series of events, action or developments
  • Dominoes
  • life spans
I quite like the idea of shelves, and what people have on them, since the whole shelf format means that whatever people do have on them, they have to display in a line..

This is my shelf, since all the shelves in liberty park are the same, I might go round and take photos of some other folks shelves, and see where that leads me.

until then, any comments or feedback would be helpful.


I quickly knocked up this vector on Illustrator, purely out of curiosity, of the shelf photo above. I quite like the obvious links there are here with city scapes/horizon lines..

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