Monday, 4 May 2009

Critical Analysis Sesh.

Last Thursday's crit session with Amber was actually really useful. We each brought along 5 pieces of contemporary design that had some link to the current brief (see 'design practice 1' blog) and we basically talked about and critically analysed what each of us had to present. We then went on to discuss what we had in mind for the current brief, where we thought it was going, and what relevance that had to the chosen imagery.

I found this method of critique extremely useful, and I came away with a much better idea of where the latest project was heading. Crits like this in the future would not only help me to focus my ideas quicker than before, but also being exposed to everyone else's images gave me a broader knowledge of what was happening within contemporary design. Something I often neglect to keep up with, especially with deadlines looming and so many other things to think about. So this could be a really good way of getting us all to look at more of what was going on in the design world right now!

Anyway I'll show you what I brought to the session, and I'll tell you why.


These three I presume are supposed to work as a set, though I found them all separately.
If you haven't visited yet I suggest you give it a go, it's a great place to get a good look at the up and coming illustrators. This is where I found Kelly Roper anyway, though I've definitely came across her work before.

These three images I picked out purely for their aesthetic value. The collage and especially the handmade typeface, I just love how well all the elements fit together, and how well thought out they are, though on the surface it just looks like a mish-mash of type and image. They've got an American Diner feel to them too, which fits great with the anti fast-food message I'm getting from them.

Another two from Kerry Roper..
I chose purely for the quality of the illustration. I think it's fairly similar to my personal style, and is a good source of inspiration when considering how to add colour and shade an image.

Again by Kerry Roper, how broad are this woman's skills!? I was intrigued by the simple 'etch-a-sketch' style of illustration shes used here, it's so simple. I chose this to highlight the fact that less is more, as I know I have a habit of over complicating my work... Something I'm always working to correct.

I chose these two again for their aesthetic appeal, but specifically the combination of vector illustration and photography. Two completely opposite styles working together so beautifully is a rare sight, this guy has definitely pulled it off. I want to try and be more experimental in my own work with regard to this new brief. It's the last real chance I'll have to play around on this course and mess up without too much backlash, so I want to make the most of it!

Last but not least a piece by

I have included this purely to signify that I am going to try my best to make this new project with my elective in mind. Though I'm reletively sure I failed my elective miserably, that doesnt mean that what I learnt didn't have a big impact on me, and as a personal experiment I'm going to try and see just how easy/hard it is to be a sustainable designer. However, I may well regret this decision massively in the very near future, hah.

End transmission.

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