Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A T-shirt for Charlie..

This is the result of a mini project I started over Easter. I basically missed my friends birthday, and I'm really bad at buying good things for people, so I thought something hand made and designed with our friendship in mind would be appreciated more than some shite I picked up in Argos.

The T-shirt itself was a huge disappointment, and I managed to make some huge mistakes, which is usually the case when I decide I want to screen print something.
I didn't mask the edges off, so the ink bled through the sides of the screen, and I over did the ink towards the top of the design so it bled out and looks messy. As my patience wore thin I began making stupid mistakes, like spilling ink on the shirt, on the table, and on myself. I hope to rectify the mess I made of the T-shirt with a few hand done elements, I might stitch it, but I'll definately add some more drip paint effects by hand afterwards... should make the mistakes look more purposeful, hah. Anyway I'll get on with the pictures.

Oh, I also took this opportunity to experiment with image presentation and layout, in preparation for the end of the PPD module. Yeah.

This one's my favourite ^

Drop shadow has its uses then...

bad. very bad.

Original Design

Inspired by the phrase: absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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