Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wooden Books

Just found a website that made me wow a little bit.

Some of the content is very questionable, this is more of a Fine Art project I suppose, but look at the books! How beautiful are they? It's all very helpful to me anyway since the plan is to have a wooden cover for my book, which obviously raises plenty of issues as far as binding is concerned. I'll maybe take some of the most relevant images down to Vernon Street this week, and have a word with the guys down there.

Concertina style

This one's by far my favourite, looks really rugged and worn. Bindings abit pants though.

This ones pretty cool too, I think it's full of sonnets, how very romantic.
It's nice to see the artist has made a good effort to reflect the content in the design of the book.
Something I have thought long and hard about already...


Paul Mitchell said...

very cool, its easy to forget that all books are essentially bits of pulped wood so its nice to see one that actual looks like it was once part of a tree!

Carl said...

hey you! i like the idea of the wooden book i thought i'd show you these though aswell. they're books made by this lady in the u.s called joanne kaar and she makes books and handmade paper. she produces them from various material such as peat and kelp found on the beach i thought this would be quite cool to have a look over, i think sarah in the print rooms down at vernon street has produced paper before so i'd give her a bell.


Mia said...

Great write-up! :D
Do excuse the poor structure of the Moonscapes book thou, the sheets of veneer indeed are only knotted together - it was my first book ever, before finding out about any bookbinding techniques. Been trying to make up for the ignorance ever since...
Good luck with you project :)
Mia L.